Love Poems


I found you first and molded you to my liking
Sometimes we married in Paris, others in New York

The first, perhaps the last, of my white knights
Radiant with stars, my projection on the wall

I dreamed of waking every day to your snoring
but in the morning my pillows smelled still of starch

You forgot about me and left my words on the page
Next to Cinderella and some dwarves

Thank you for crushing the princess inside me.
I don’t want to be rescued anymore.


                             Before you haunted me,
I adored you.
You were my fresh, new penny
I was your soft, cotton sweater
We carried each other everywhere
You sweetly indulged me,
But I was sure that I had learned.
Before you betrayed me,

I loved you.


You found me limping through the brush,
at first I snarled at your approach.
You coaxed me with some honeycomb
and eventually I would eat from your fingers.

The rescue was a regression, I know,
but I welcomed your silver-tongued invites
into rainy day bedrooms.


The jewel around my neck
tells me you remember
the color of my eyes

I’d forgotten how it felt
to have you in my irises

You had been categorized
as a missed opportunity
thwarted by rumors and

other relationship roadblocks

But now I think of that black curl on your forehead
and your eyes tilted up to watch
me play with its coil

When you’re with me,’ you say,
you’re going to try something

I will try your every flavor
and smack my lips

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