Monthly Archives: December 2008

Chronicle’s, Dare I Say, Convenient Location

As I was walking past the Chronicle building the other day, I noticed an extremely long line that circled around the entire block. Upon further investigation, I found that the beginning of the line was actually headed into the fire department office. Apparently there are 3o or so new positions open and thousands of people are applying. And I thought my desired job field was small. Anyway, because there aren’t large fire engines parked outside our building (just several red Priuses with the SFFD logo on it), I often forget that Chronicle Book shares the same building as a fire station.

Once I got back to my desk, I realized..


What BETTER place for a PUBLISHING HOUSE full of PAPER to be?? I was so pleased with the whole idea that I actually giggled.

That’s pretty much it. I just thought that was clever. Also, I won a bottle of very good wine at the company white elephant party. The best part? I didn’t even buy a gift to contribute; not knowing of said party, I hadn’t brought one. One of the kindly assistant editors brought an extra for me. Isn’t that lovely? I’m so glad they let me stay on another three months.